Negative Ions – Vital to Life?

How vital to life are negative ions?

There have been thousands of experiments into the way air ions affect living things. It is truly amazing how sensitive we are to these tiny charges of “static” electricity carried in the air.

Here are just a few examples:

  • In one experiment, some unfortunate mice were kept in a sealed container until their oxygen was almost used up and they were on the point of suffocation. When the remaining air was negatively ionized – the mice revived.
  • Another experiment involved keeping mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits in air that had all the ions removed. They all died within a few days.
  • Experiments like these demonstrate very powerfully, the extra vitality and life supporting properties that air gains when it is negatively ionized. And it is not only animals that are affected in this way:
  • Scientists at the University of California grew barley, oats, lettuce and peas in an atmosphere drastically reduced in ions and found that growth was stunted and the plants became diseased. But when the experiment was repeated in air carrying more than double the normal number of negative ions, it produced accelerated growth.

** Please note: We do not support, or condone any of these experiments involving animals. The examples above were performed many years ago, even before we were established as a company. We only quote them because they are a historical fact that so graphically illustrates the power of negative ions. Our role is to build the equipment that provides healthy quantities of these air ions in our lives.