Power adapter details

If your supply voltage is not 230 volts (ie in USA, Canada) then it’s ok to use a power adapter.

Astrid ionisers work perfectly with most commonly available power adapters.  However you may (very occasionally) find a specialist type that’s not suitable. So it’s best to double-check.

All adapters should have their electrical specifications marked on them, in words and symbols. The symbol you’re looking for is this:

(In technical terms it shows it’s an “auto-transformer” – in case you need to ask a supplier to confirm its type.)

Just look for the symbol and you’ll be ok. Here’s an example:


Astrid Ionisers only use 1/4 watt of electricity so (for best price) choose the lowest wattage adapter you can find. (You can use more powerful ones – they just cost more to buy)

Choice of power plug.

  • European plugs (2-pin euro) are much smaller and neater, and widely used around the world.
  • UK plugs are quite bulky. Only used in UK,  Ireland and a few other places.

So unless you have a particular reason (say, you intend staying in UK or Ireland) then we’d suggest the euro plug as the best choice.