What our customers say

Thank you for the very speedy despatch of my order, it only took 19 hours from clicking the mouse to arriving at my door. I have tried other brands in the past that did not work the Astrid does, so if you are looking to buy an ioniser this one is a good choice. It is working in my living room now and doing an excellent job.

John Foyston-Brown

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have received my L2100 ionizer a few days ago, and have started using in our bedroom. My difficulty in breathing at night for many years, has suddenly evaporated and I am breathing (and therefore sleeping) easily. It is difficult to explain how amazing this is, as I was contemplating surgery in my nose with my consultant.

Kind regards,

Peter Fraser

Dear Sales Staff,

I love your Ionisers. They are fabulous!!

My family sleeps well and feels great. My son who would often wake up, and consquently wake me, up totally distressed by his blocked nose, now sleeps through the night. So he and his Mum are more rested and calmer people due to a better night sleep!!!!!!

I have talked to many people about the wonderful benefits of your ionisers and as a result have another (large) order for you.

Please do use my compliments as reference. I love my ionisers

Yours sincerely,
Louise Maxwell

We are so delighted with your product we are boring all our friends with tales of how well we sleep, how the plants are already thriving, how bouncy the dog is – and I rushed back last week to buy another as a house-warming present for friends in Hertfordshire!

Mrs M St George


My mum recently bought me the Astrid L2100 ioniser after advice from a nurse she knows, that worked with them in the States. For years I’ve had Night terrors (since I was 9) and have been to all the doctors, tried loads of drugs – none of them worked. At one point there was talk of opening me up…I don’t think so!

At first not a lot happened apart from the room feeling fresher. I was a bit sceptical, but over about 2 months the night terrors started to die down.

Though they haven’t gone altogether they are a hundred times better and after 3 weeks of at least 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night, I`m not complaining. There were a few normal nights, but it turned out the ioniser was turned off!

So once again, thanks.
All the best
James du Gard

More information about night terrors at  Night Terrors Resource Center   (The author of this site also confirmed the use of an ioniser had helped his condition.)

I would like to say how pleased I am with the ioniser and it “cured” the severe headaches I was getting working with a VDU screen (PC monitor) on my desk all day. If I forget to take my ioniser to work I find that the headaches return

Mrs G Lakeland

We bought one of your Astrid air ionisers about five months ago and are delighted with it.
My wife has a chest complaint and she finds she sleeps easier

Mr C Thurbin

My daughter bought the ioniser as a present. My doctor recommended me to have one as I suffer from acute attacks of asthma and have had a nebulizer for some time. It has made a great difference and I am delighted with it.

M Rice

This may sound silly to you, but I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Astrid ioniser.

I suffer very badly from hayfever and asthma, and I have found it a great help. I have founded a self help group for asthma patients in our area and I intend to import as many ionisers as I can carry on my next trip to England. I work as a conference interpreter, which means working in a very confined space (as interpreter’s booths often are) I find my little Astrid ioniser a godsend to take to work, as it’s small, compact, light and powerful.

Mrs E Bates

I just thought I would drop you a note to say how pleased I am with my new Astrid ioniser. It truly is magic at removing smoke. I smoke cigars and the smoke tends to linger in the room. Now with the ioniser my sitting room is clear and smells a lot better too.

The ioniser was recommended to me by a friend who lives on a main road. She found her sitting room filled with car fumes each morning. Now with the ioniser there are no fumes.

A J Thorpe

Having seen your Astrid room ioniser in a friends house in Wales, I was very impressed with the results of this machine.
Now having looked over here and in the USA, I have not found one that comes up to the specifications of your Astrid.

J Krajnak

While visiting friends in Northern Ireland I saw your Astrid air ioniser and was very impressed by it.
My little grandson suffers from asthma and he gets an attack when he visits me because of my dog, I would very much like to purchase one from you

P O’Connell
Co Galway
Irish Republic