Who could benefit?


Negative ions are important to our health. They have a “normalising” effect on our body. They increase energy levels and alertness, and generally revitalise us. But we spend the most part of each day indoors – at work, at home or in vehicles – all places where a supply of natural ions can’t reach us.

So it’s safe to say we could all do with an extra dose of negative ions. And the only way to guarantee healthy ionised air indoors is to provide it yourself with an ioniser.

Here are a few examples of where one might be particularly useful:

  • Sleeping – people with sleep problems often find an ioniser in the bedroom is really helpful for getting a good nights rest.
  • Working – good for concentration and alertness, reduces airborne infections and allergens.
  • Breathing difficulties – ionising the air makes more oxygen available to our body, at the same time removing air pollution like smoke, pollen, dust, viruses and bacteria. Negative ions also stimulate cilia (the tiny hairs that line our respitory tract) – whose waves of movement clear mucus and debris from our lungs, keeping them clear and able to function more efficiently.
  • SAD and depression – studies show that high levels of negative ions are very effective in the relief of both these conditions.
  • Busy mum or dad – could do with the extra energy, need to keep your wits about you.
  • Kids – lowers the risk of them breathing airborne allergens. Helps them sleep.
  • Students – helps with a good night’s sleep and extra alertness for studies and exams.
  • Allergies – such as hay fever, asthma and reactions to dust mites and animal hair are reduced by the cleaning ability of an ioniser.
  • Relaxing – negative ions are very relaxing.
  • Working from home – ionisers are very useful in a home office and at a computer.
  • Housebound – or just generally unable to get out much. An ioniser will refresh and re-vitalise the air.

Astrid ionisers provide a very high density of negative ions over a wide area, suitable for use in all these situations.