Why do we need Ionisers?

  • Negative ions are good for our health!
  • When air is enriched with negative ions, the oxygen it contains is far more easily absorbed and used by our body – helping us feel refreshed and alert. Stress hormones are reduced and we sleep more soundly. It has been proven too, that negative ions help animals and plants grow strong and healthy.
  • The problem is they only have a brief life (usually less than a few minutes) so negative ions need constant replenishment. Nature provides them in abundance in many different ways – for instance by the actions of wind, rain, waterfalls and surf, and the sun’s ultra violet rays.
  • But air ions can’t get into our buildings through walls or closed windows. (Whatever they touch drains their vital energy to ground and they basically become “normal” air again). This leaves most of our buildings very low in negative ions.
  • On top of this, air pollution and all the modern synthetic materials we surround ourselves with, tend to destroy negative ions. Our TV screens, air-conditioning and plastics not only reduce the negative ion count in our homes to virtually zero but also generate high levels of unwanted positive ions.
  • While our air is being filled with unwanted positive ions, Nature’s negative ions can’t get inside our buildings to counteract them. So we spend much of our lives – at home, in our work places and cars – breathing air that is very seriously out of its natural balance.
  • The only way to redress this ion balance is to use an ioniser.
  • Ionisers are also very efficient air cleaners, removing even the tiniest particles of dust, smoke and pollen by making them fall from the air. They also remove and destroy airborne viruses and bacteria. This is why they are often referred to as Air Purifying Ionisers.

Astrid ionisers are designed for this very purpose. They produce intense streams of refreshing negative ions – identical to those in Nature – to clear the air and restore the natural ion balance so vital to our physical and mental well-being.