YouTube smoke video

Astrid ioniser clearing dense smoke

Astrid ionizers are highly efficient at purifying the air we breathe. Their negative ions are natural air purifiers which actively seek out individual particles of dust, pollen and smoke and drag them from the air. (See Ionizers as air purifiers ) We decided to show this as realistically as possible in a YouTube video.

The smoke we used

Most ioniser demos on YouTube use cigarette smoke which is very thin and not easily caught on camera. So the smoke seems to clear quickly – but mainly because the camera can’t really see it! We wanted to show something more realistic. So after lots of tests we finally decided to use smouldering cardboard which gave a very dense smoke that the camera could see more easily.

Larger tank

Again, we felt that many YouTube videos maybe “cheated” a  little by using very small containers which cleared very quickly. So for this demonstraion we used a glass aquarium with 6.5 Large cleaning area
In real-life situations, Astrid room ionizers are capable of purifying the air over a distance greater than 8 metres (26ft) in all directions. This is an area of 2,100 square feet!

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